Indoor Surface

Passion Sports is a leading sports flooring contractor in India. We have full range of indoor sports floor surfaces for new builds or refurbishment projects. We undertake all aspects of each installation from sub-floor preparation to line marking carried out by our own highly skilled workforce. We offer only world-class quality indoor sports flooring products. Floor built by us are safe, flexible, and versatile and it offers long durability. Our built surfaces are resilient, sustainable, seamless and provide optimal protection, performance & comfort. Our built surfaces potentially cater the need of all kind of individuals from children to professional athletes and sports team members. From multi-use gym flooring to competitive sports courts and weight room flooring to yoga studios, Passion Sports have the wide range of indoor sports surfaces to offer for different activities and levels of competition.

Why choose Passion Sports for Indoor Surface Flooring:
• Perfect surface for all Indoor sports.
• Ideal for multi-purpose.
• Cost-effective

Two Types of Indoor Flooring


We had laid 4 nos. of Rebound Ace tennis courts in the year 2007. We are pleased to inform that these courts lasted for so many years and now in year 2014, after the gap of almost 8 years, they require only top coat re coating. We are very satisfied with Rebound Ace acrylic court systems and their approved installers Passion Sports.
Our Court was installed when our child was 13 years old. They played basketball, Badminton; roller skated, skateboarded, paddle tennis, and any other thing they could dream up… It is great that our child was at the safe place and also we knew where they were. Of course, the Sports Court was an asset in raising our sons. By getting all this facility, we can say that we have made the best investment ever.
Passion Sports helped us in initial planning and completed both the courts on time and budget. Also, their team is not only experienced but also supportive.