PU Synthetic Technology for Outdoor Court

There is no short cut in building a durable and long lasting sports flooring. Technologies are being developed world over to continue improve floorings which are safe, less fatigue, less harsh on body parts and sheer enjoyment to play on it.

For the first time, PU Synthetic Technology has been introduced for converting existing outdoor cemented court to cushioned synthetic court. For converting cemented outdoor court, no civil work is required.

Rebound Ace India (RAI) has introduced PU cushion systems in the country which can be installed both indoor and outdoor for multi sports. Earlier there was a limitation in converting outdoor cemented Badminton, Basketball and Tennis courts into durable Synthetic courts. But now it is possible. Now our PU cushioned court is not only durable and long lasting but also offer Shock absorption equivalent to Wood. It is washable and TOP coat is UV resistant acrylic coat.

PU Synthetic Flooring is the only flooring which has passed test for International Basketball Class 1 Portable Wooden Floor requirements. It is also approved by International Tenis Federation(ITF).

We strongly believe that any sports infrastructure should have the capacity to invite players to play and enjoy their game and promote healthy.

PU Synthetic Flooring is mainly used for Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton etc.

The system allows exhibition of true & even ball bounce.
The cushion effect of shock absorbing PU sub-layer reduces player fatigue & reduces impact on players’ knees.
The surface is anti-skid which provides safety to the players.
Its top wearing acrylic surface has excellent playing characteristics which responds perfectly to all strokes, ball
bounce and speed.



Technical Properties

Test Items Standard
Hardness (Shore Durometer) 74
Shock absorption 27%
Compress Recovery Rate 99.40%
Elongation, Mpa 1.71
Elongation Rate at break point 526%
REACTION TO Fire degree 1
Abrasion <=50
Surface Slide Characteristics 0.46



Case Study

We were invited to offer solution to convert existing concrete surface at Stephen’s College, New Delhi to state of art synthetic surface. The challenge was not to break the existing surface. We offered our SPU- courtpave perfect bounce PU (Polyurethane) cushioned surface with repair of existing surface without any civil correction. It was most challenging site we had undertaken till date and are pleased
with the outcome, which was due to our trained applicators and unmatched material quality.

Original site

The surface was checkered concrete with hallow blocks, cracks and cement patching and uneven blocks.

Every expansion joint was filled with special crack filler bridged over with firm PU. Low area were patched with special patch compound and hallow area were hacked and filled with special material.

In total 9 layers were applied. Court was made in color combination of three colors with non playing and D in Red, Playing in Green and 3 Pointer in Blue.

Finished Court


We had laid 4 nos. of Rebound Ace tennis courts in the year 2007. We are pleased to inform that these courts lasted for so many years and now in year 2014, after the gap of almost 8 years, they require only top coat re coating. We are very satisfied with Rebound Ace acrylic court systems and their approved installers Passion Sports.
Our Court was installed when our child was 13 years old. They played basketball, Badminton; roller skated, skateboarded, paddle tennis, and any other thing they could dream up… It is great that our child was at the safe place and also we knew where they were. Of course, the Sports Court was an asset in raising our sons. By getting all this facility, we can say that we have made the best investment ever.
Passion Sports helped us in initial planning and completed both the courts on time and budget. Also, their team is not only experienced but also supportive.